meRohit Crasta is a game developer based in Rochester, NY.

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2013, Rohit moved back home to Queens, where he immersed himself in the NYC game dev community. He was soon hired by Playcrafting and sent to Boston to help bring their game dev classes and events to the Boston scene. During this time Rohit was also participating in game jams and working on the indie puzzle game Brain and Brawn in his spare time.

Rohit got his first major break in the game industry when he was hired by Demiurge Studios as a Game Design intern. At Demiurge, he worked on the mobile match-3 RPG “Puzzle & Glory” for 6 months, contributing to content and systems design under lead designer Dave Guskin.

After Demiurge, Rohit had a brief stint as a web developer, then got another break when he was hired on as a full-time designer/programmer hybrid for Funkitron, a Boston-based studio known for the hit mobile game Cascade. With Funkitron, Rohit was involved with Nascar Slots from concept-to-ship, and has contributed new features and content to the Cascade playerbase. Currently, he is working on several exciting unannounced projects.

Rohit’s personal interests include gaming, a cappella, and mini golf. He is also huge advocate for game jams, and loves to prototype new mechanic ideas in his spare time. You can catch him at local Rochester meetup Roc Game Dev, or sometimes at larger events in Boston and New York.