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Like anything, the only way for me to get better at blogging is to practice. But I am often hesitant to publish new posts because writing is a challenge for me, and I am self-conscious about my website which also … Continue reading

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Game Design Podcasts

Game Design podcasts are a fun way to learn about game design while driving, taking the train, or exercising. Here are some game design podcasts I have really enjoyed (and have taught me a lot) over the past few years: … Continue reading

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How Game Jams Jumpstarted My Career

I am a huge advocate for game jams. Whether you are a fresh novice still finding your way in games or a seasoned AAA veteran, there is a ton of value in participating in a game jam. However, there are already … Continue reading

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Update: Moving to Rochester

It’s now official: my wife and I are moving back to Rochester, NY in late June. This is bittersweet news for me. Over the past 3 years I’ve made some amazing friends in the Boston game dev community, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Scoping Smart

Whether you are a designer, producer, artist, or programmer, scope dominates game development. It drives decision-making on every scale, makes or breaks production, and defines the relationships between team members. I find scope, and how we deal with it, fascinating. … Continue reading

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My Fascination with Feedback Loops

On Monday, February 20th, I will be giving a short 8 minute presentation on Feedback Loops for Boston Indies’s February Lightning Talks. The presentation will be titled Fantastic Feedback Loops and Where To Find Them, and will focus on identifying feedback loops … Continue reading

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Goals for 2017

My primary focus through 2017 will continue to be Funkitron and Cascade. But it’s important to me that even when I am off the clock, I do as much as I can to keep growing as a game designer. So to … Continue reading

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