Prototypes and Game Jams

I am a frequent tinkerer and game jammer. This collection includes both digital and non-digital games.

Purgatory – Programmer & Level Designer (Team of 3)
Escape a series of deadly rotating trap rooms in this 2D action arcade web game. Purgatory was created in just 7.5 hours for New York Gamecraft 2013, winning “Best Overall Game” and “People’s Choice”!

Negative Space – Lead Designer & Programmer (Team of 3)
A game about introversion and extroversion. Developed in HTML5 (Phaser) for Global Game Jam 2014; it was nominated for “Best Use of Theme.” (Theme: “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”)

Face the Music – Programmer & Level Designer (Team of 3)
Theme: “Procrastination”/ Element: “Microphone”
In this 2D action platformer that plays as a metaphor to procrastination, satisfy an angry mob (the “work”) before it pushes you to the end of the level (the “deadline”). FTM was developed in 48 hours  for the Indie Speed Run 2 in HTML5.

By The Gods – Team Lead, Designer, Programmer
A 2D top-down shooter about gods competing for your favor. In Part 1, make choices that please or displease 3 different gods (Serenity, Wrath, and Envy). In Part 2, take on the god you displeased in a metaphoric battle, using buffs from any gods you may have pleased. Created in Unity for Global Game Jam 2016 (Theme: “Ritual”)..


Shinto Showdown – Designer & Programmer (Team of 5)
A 2D turn-based strategy game where players harness the power of the elements to defeat enemies. Features real-time elements and dynamic battlefield generation. Developed in C++ using the Direct X 9 API.


Corporate Pie– Designer & Programmer (Team of 2)
Theme: “Corporate Takeover” / Element: “Pepperoni”
Help the Pepperoni Co. perform a hostile takeover of the corporate pizza pie before the last slice is taken! Developed in 48 hours using the limeJS game framework for Indie Speed Run 2.

Steampunk Ninja– Programmer, Gameplay/Level Designer (Team of 3)
A 2D action platformer, where players take the role of a mechanical ninja that must speed through obstacles while managing its heat energy. Developed in C# XNA for Indie Speed Run 2012.

ZeroG – Sole Developer
A casual puzzle game for the web, where players navigate zero-­gravity environments to collect space rocks. Features two levels of puzzle platforming. Developed prototype in HTML5 and Javascript for an RIT class (“Casual Games Seminar”)


Boomtown – Lead Game Designer (Team of 5)
An educational flash game based on Thomas Hart Benton’s ”Boomtown”.


Gumball Matching – Designer and Programmer
A simple web game where a machine generates colored gumballs and players must drag the gumball into the matching bucket. Created in HTML5 with the CreateJS framework.

Monster Madness – Sole Developer
An arcade game where players take the role of a monster masquerading as a costumed kid on Halloween to get candy. Collect as much candy as you can within the time limit. Move either in costume (slower, must avoid children) or revealed (faster, cops come after you). Created in HTML5 Phaser for Purple Monkey Game Jam V.


Tic Tac – Team Lead and Lead Game Designer (Team of 5)
A 2D action platformer game where all movement and interaction is mapped to a dual analog control scheme. Created in C# XNA for an RIT class.


Aquarium – Narrative Experience Designer (Team of 15+)
Aquarium was an award-winning exhibit that used cutting-edge technologies and the balloon art of Larry Moss to immerse over 1,000 visitors in an interactive underwater oasis. For the exhibit, I designed a simple game to guide children through the different activities and tie the whole experience together.

City Jumper – Sole Developer
A 3D platformer game where players must climb to the top of a city then navigate floating platforms to the top of a mountain. Created in Unity (C#) for an RIT class.

The White Death – Game Designer
An assymetric board game based on the real life story of Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper in the Winter War who killed at over 500 Russian soldiers. Set in snowy woodland territory, one player takes the place of the hidden sniper while the other takes the place of the Russian army trying to root him out.

Reverberation – Game Designer and Programmer
A 2D platformer where players can control the pitch and tempo of the background music, dynamically affecting the game world. Created in C# XNA for an RIT class.

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