Shipped Games

Cascade (iOS/Android) – Technical Designer
In this innovative twist on traditional match-3, players spin a randomized reel of gems and fire them onto the board to create matches. Boasting over 600 levels across 39 lands (as of March ’16), Cascade delivers a plethora of mechanics and themes on top of a core puzzle experience.

Puzzle & Glory (iOS/Android) – Contract Game Designer
Demiurge Studios / SEGA
A match-3 fantasy RPG for iOS and Android. Lead your team of legendary heroes through epic dungeons as you explore, quest, and traverse uncharted lands of Aetria. Defeat fearsome enemies in intense tactical combat. Join a guild with friends and allies to compete for rare rewards.
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NASCAR Slots (iOS) – Game Programmer and Game Designer
A mobile slots game featuring NASCAR-themed slot machines, bonus mini-games, a leveling system, and more.

Brain+Brawn (iOS) – Game Designer, Programmer
Spork Games
In this sliding puzzle game for mobile, players guide two little robots through 75 levels. Take advantage of their unique strengths and weaknesses to finish in the least amount of moves possible.

NASCAR Slots (Web) – Lead Developer
A single-machine slots game designed to help debut and preview the upcoming mobile game of the same name. It was developed in just 8 weeks using Cocos2d-js.

Fantasy Kingdoms – Quality Assurance & Design Intern
Sneaky Games
A facebook social game where players build fantasy kingdoms and harvest magical plants. As an intern at Sneaky Games, I participated in QA tests, statistical analysis, and misc. design projects.

Music Theory Trainer – Designer & Programmer
Routledge Textbooks
An educational app designed as a companion to the music theory textbook Music Fundamentals. Developed in Flash for Routledge Textbooks, MTT includes 50+ unique interactive exercises.

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